White flowers borne in clusters, bearing edible fruit. 5201 Nursery Road S.W. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry comes in both single stem and multi stem varieties A hybrid cross between native serviceberries, the ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry is an ornamental tree that grows in full sun to about 20′ tall and wide. Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry. Contact Info. Serviceberry is not your answer if you are looking for a privacy screen. Spreading and multi-stem in habit, it has great winter bark characteristics, pure white spring bloom, bright red fall foliage, and bird attracting fruit. The oval shaped leaves emerge coppery-red, becoming rich green throughout the growing season. Serviceberry trees can be pruned drastically to create short bushes, but it also grows in small varieties that do not need to be pruned more than once a year. A cultivar that delivers visual interest nearly year-round, the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry lives up to its name. Berries resemble blueberries in taste and may be used in jams, jellies and pies. It is grown either in a single stem tree or a multiple stemmed large shrub which is suitable for accent planting or privacy screening. Multi-Stem Autumn Brilliance Apple Serviceberry tree has Amelanchier fruit, called Juneberries which are edible, sweet and often used in pies and jams. Common name: Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance' Latin name: Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' Height and spread in 20 years: 4 x 4 metres Flowers: White star-shaped flowers provide spring interest Foliage: Bronze, turning mid-green thenb  shades of orange and red in autumn Soil: Plant in a slightly acidic, moist but free-draining soil At all. Amelanchier x grandiflora‘Autumn Brilliance’ -- ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Apple Serviceberry Page 4 Diseases Witches broom, also called black mildew, infects the growing point causing the formation of many stems. Blush green leaves. $497.99 Amelanchier X 'Autumn Brilliance' Fast grower with beautiful white flowers and persistent brilliant red fall color. FAQs Nursery Policies Planting Guide Directions Loading Information. Flowers #15 multi-stem B&B fields in fall Tree from in the B&B fields An upright, moderately spreading small tree, often grown in a multi-stem form. The smooth, gray bark elegantly holds aloft the healthy green leaves and the fleecy white flowers, then the ensuing tasty berries, and finally the bright red autumnal display. Amelanchier x 'Autumn Brilliance'. Exposure: Light Shade, Sun. We are Highland Hill Farm. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' Category: Trees. A large multi-stem shrub or small tree with white flowers in very early spring. Red berries in summer mature to purple and are edible. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' View Details : 1328 - Avondale Chinese Redbud. Aspen (Populus) Beech (Fagus) Birch (Betula) Catalpa (Catalpa scop) Crabapple (Malus) Dogwood (Cornus) Elm (Ulmus) Evergreens; Fir (Abies) Gingko (Gingko biloba) … Grow this beauty as a single tree or multi-stemmed small grove. Growth Rate: Slow. East Coast Cites and areas. 0090 - Serviceberry (multi-stem) Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' View Details : 1321 - Eastern Redbud. AMELANCHIER ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry. Bursting with white flowers in the spring time, this small tree will fit into any sized landscape. In some areas insects can be a problem. Flowers bloom in April followed by edible fruits (3/8" diameter) in June (hence the sometimes used common name of Juneberry for amelanchiers). Robinson Nursery offers ‘Autumn Brilliance’ in branched, whips and multi-stem trees. I have great soil where most other plants thrive. Cercis canadensis . A small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which typically matures to 15-20' tall. Mature Size: 15-20’ tall 15-20’ wide. Multi Stem. Our Trees Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' – Multi-stem Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry is one of the classiest trees in the "edible ornamental" category. A great three season accent tree, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberrys shrub-like form make it perfect for adding privacy screening to the landscape. Leaves change to a brilliant red in fall. Plant Type: Deciduous, broadleaf, multi-trunk small flowering tree. Like others have stated, my Autumn Brilliance grows at a turtle pace. Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry is a spritely tree that brings a feeling of lightness and playfulness to the landscape. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, 1.5" 2" single stem 6', 8' multi-stem Brilliant Autumn Color, Spring Blooms + Summer Fruit Why Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Trees? It is very useful and beautiful as both a single leader tree, as well as a large multi-stem shrub. Amelanchier. Zones: 4-7b. Height: 4 to 25 feet. This selection has great attributes that add to the formal or natural landscape. In the spring, the … Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’) Mature Height: 15’-25’ Mature Spread: 15’-20’ Growth Rate: Moderate Fall Color: Brilliant Red Flower: White Serviceberry are usually grown as small, multi-stemmed tree that are quite ornamental. Its rootstock is stoloniferous. After the Roman era, the word continued to be used as the Old French word autompne (automne in modern French) or autumpne in Middle English, and was later normalised to the original Latin. I think it’s just a slow grower. ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry multi-stem (Amelanchier grandiflora) matt stewart 2019-04-22T08:52:38-05:00 Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry multi-stem (Amelanchier grandiflora) Search for: Categories. ... Multi-Stem Clump Trees (Multiple Trunks): Habit: Upright, pyramidal canopy. In some areas with very wet, warm springs, fungal or rust diseases may be a problem. Genus Species: Amelanchier x grand 'Autumn Brilliance' Size: 10, 10 Multi Stem, 15 Multi Stem. ‘Autumn Brilliance’ serviceberry fall color Description. Foliage is blue-green turning red in the autumn. Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' A named cultivar of apple serviceberry, this plant is selected for the explosion of fall color that vibrates off the leaves each autumn. View Details : 1320 - Forest Pansy Redbud . SERVICEBERRY, Autumn Brilliance Amelanchier x grandiflora (clump). Call (410) 755-6600 Availabilities. An extremely popular multi-stem Amelanchier with excellent growth habit and strong branching, the Autumn Brilliance displays and early spring bloom and bright red fall color. Excellent native for groves or border. Type The name Autumn Brilliance correctly describes the outstanding red fall leaf color, but equally spectacular is the burst of white spring flowers, followed by a small very dark colored edible berry. Clusters of 5-petaled, white flowers with brightly-colored anthers in … We supply Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance and Viburnum Willowood. Details 'Autumn Brilliance' is a vigorous, spreading, multi-stemmed tree or shrub, up to 8m high, with light grey bark and ovate leaves, up to 8cm long, which open bronze in early spring, become green in late spring and turn brilliant red in autumn.
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