Here comes more Nigerian dishes and snacks and pictures to give you a feel of what each looks like. Yes, from Nigerian soup to all other types of Nigerian Dishes. Add palm oil to the breadfruit, add pepper, stock cubes, and salt to taste then cover and allow it to cook for more minutes. This is a very important part of cooking this food. Add the blended Scotch bonnet and stir and allow cooking for a few minutes. Most of the popular Nigerian foods we know today are not only consumed by the ethnic groups to which the food is peculiar to, and have even become an everyday food in Nigeria. Hmm, should I call spaghetti a Nigerian food? It is also essential when cooking soap, fried rice, etc. In addition, get daily health tips and even more. Miyan Yakuwa is eaten with tuwo shinkafa or masara, and you can also try it with a swallow of your choice or whatever you want. Every Nigerian beans lover is crazy about Ewa Aganyin and it can be served with bread or yam. The Nigerian Porridge is very easy to cook. The whole world craves these Nigerian foods and guess what? Learn how your comment data is processed. Besides the seeds, water and palm oil, it typically contains meat, seasonings such as chilli pepper, leafy vegetables and other vegetables. Nigerian Food (Meal) Time Table For A Week, 5 Tips to Slim Your Wallet: Simply Carry Less and Lighten Your Everyday Load, How to Properly Take Care of Your Greenhouse In Winter, Who doesn’t know how to prepare spaghetti here? Grate the yam with the smallest part of the grater. A compiled list of popular, mouthwatering nutritious and delicious popular foods in Nigeria. Add water to the meat, enough to make it watery. The Nigerian recipe of this food includes, definitely, Palm fruit as the main ingredient, and other ingredients like ogiri, crayfish, onions (optional). Jollof rice is commonly served on special occasions and at social events. Do you want to know more about Nigerian food menu and Nigerian Food Time Table? Put it off the fire and wrap in nylon then keep it hot in the food flask while you make ewedu, Puta little water on heat and add potash and allow the water to come to a boil, Pour in your sliced ewedu and allow it to cook till it becomes soft, Pour in the ewedu into a blender and blend. Beans and yam are sometimes combined to make bean-yam porridge. Another food popular in the country is boiled corn and sliced coconut. The Palm fruit oil used is quite different from the Palm oil. Miyan Kuka is a soup partial and popular to the northern Nigerians especially. Are you a big fan of Nigerian food time table? Normally, this is a food Nigerians by at the roadsides and would park their cars to eat while on the move. It can also be eaten with beans or as a snack. OGBONO is a draw soup with preparation varying depending on preferences. Moi Moi is a Nigerian steamed beans pudding which has its origin in South West Nigeria. Advertise with Us Its name can be said to be coined from its main ingredient, banga (Palm fruit). Rice can be prepared as jollof rice, white rice, fried rice, etc. From the east, west, north and south to virtually every corner in-between the country, there are a plethora of spice-rich flavourful dishes that tie Nigerians together–I suggest you try as many of them as you can. You’ll most likely find people eating pounded yam with Egusi, Banga, Ogbono or some other meal. It is also street food, a homemade snack that can be eaten anytime with bread, pap, etc. All Popular Nigerian Food List You Must Taste! Mainly prepared by the Hausas at road junctions at night, this particular delicacy no dey joke o, you can’t just help it when the suya spice and onions get to your palate. The product gotten from this is then locally dried (roasted) to form fine flour. The list of popular Nigerian dishes would never be complete without mentioning rice. Afang soup is prepared with the combination of AFANG leaves (ukazi / okazi leaves, as it is popularly called) and waterleaf. Also Check: Top 15 Nigerian Food Blogs for up to date food recipes. This vegetable soup, peculiar to the people of Akwa-Ibom and Cross River especially the Efik-Ibibios, is packed with nutrients, and the common ingredient you’ll find in this soup is Periwinkles. Many people want to have a go-to app for food recipes, yes, food lovers (I mean those who love to cook go too like am). Amongst them include, “moin moinlette”, “akara waffles”, yoodles egusi and pepper soup”. One fun idea or activity you have to include in your itinerary without a doubt is to try out the food. Kindly drop your comments below. Cut into small sizes and soak in water and salt. The spices comprise ginger, peanuts, pepper, dried onions and various stock flavours. I mean, what a dish!! Add the periwinkles and stir together let it cook for a few minutes and then add the groundnut powder with 1½cups of hot water. Funnily, nothing is as soothing as taking Garri and Groundnut with chilled water during a hot afternoon. AllNigerianFoods.Com. Get a clean pot, put your spag strands in desired length, into it. Ewa agoyin; This Nigerian food is so popular and it has a mixed origin. You can also send in your travel stories to [email protected]. A Comprehensive List of Nigerian Food Recipes with Pictures. Wash and boil the cocoyam in a clean pot till it is soft. Set a pot on medium heat and pour in the washed goat meat, add ginger and garlic, onions, seasoning cubes, and salt to taste. Let this cook for another 10 minutes and the soup will thicken up. Add the dry pepper, grounded ehu, ugba, crayfish and stock cubes and stir very well, this should be done off heat. Turn off the heat and your groundnut soup is ready. It is fermented cereal pudding, usually made from maize. Whether you are in Nigeria looking for something to do this weekend, or you are visiting and looking for something new to try, Chinenye Emezie-Egwuonwu has interesting ideas for you. Both versions use yam and other recipes as a thickener but do not use Palm oil as this will change the color of the soup, and it won’t be white soup anymore. Food time table for a family, students, even for children is pasted in kitchens nationwide. See more ideas about nigerian food, food, african food. You’re welcome John, thanks for your comment, Thank you for bringing certain foods to mind, it was worth the read but you didn’t rep my Afang well oo, Thanks for your comment Odie, how about you give us a little more pitch of Afang, let’s add it. Take your tastebuds on a spectacular journey. Pepper soup has its versions of chicken, beef, catfish, goat meat. Click on the install button to get to Google Play Store. Nigerian food consists of what we call"swallows"(these are fufu, dumplings. Also, check out the 15 amazing health benefits of zobo in this post. Edikang Ikong soup. Roast the groundnut and oziza seeds in a frying pan for few minutes, Grind the groundnut and oziza seed in a dry mil and put aside. It is also high in fibers and vegetables. 1. Peel the yam and chop them into small pieces. If it is still watery add a little more groundnut powder but be careful not to add too much. When the water has come to a boil, pour in the yam flour little by little and stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Most Nigerians ate lots of this delicious meal while growing up, and they have deep love for it. Meshai Food popular among Nigerians and we are not shy to eat it. Put the pot back on fire, add little water and salt then cook rice till it is soft. This food is also known as beans and corn (ewa alagbado as the Yoruba’s call it). To make it easy for you, here’s a selection of 20 popular Nigerian food to get you started on this journey of tastes. 23 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love. Pour in the liquid from the steamed snail and continue cooking the soup. You’ll likely find them well served at Igbo kitchens in major Nigerian cities. They can be served with eba (garri), amala, agidi, semo, tuwo shinkafa, pounded yam or fufu. What is it: A pudding of Nigerian brown beans wrapped and steamed in banana leaves with bell papers, onions, and some spices. Add your sliced ponmo, and let all steam and stir, Peel the yam, cut into sizes of your choice, Place in a clean pot, add water and allow to boil, Blend tomato, pepper, and onions together, Heat the blended tomato pepper and onion to make it dry sort of, Put the washed fish in clean pot, add curry, thyme and seasoning cubes, with salt and water to steam the fish. The dish is peculiar to the south-south (the Efiks and Ibibios). Become a Contributor Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are well combined, Place a pot On the fire and add Vegetable  oil, when the oil is hot scoop the mix into it and Fry  in bits. Boli is roasted ripe plantain and is very tasty when taken with groundnut, it is truly a delectable popular snack for Nigerians and that is why they miss it most when they travel abroad. It is mainly consumed with swallows, especially Usi (starch) and Eba. It has its traditional significance when a person of old age dies, it is prepared and distributed around, till date. Oh! Add the grounded peeper and crayfish, plus the ponmon. Amala and Ewedu soup is a classic Nigerian food, mostly eaten by the Yoruba people, especially people from Oyo state, but it is appreciated by other ethinc groups. Thank you very much. Efo Riro is a mix of pumpkin green leaves, meat, like chicken and offal or smoked fish. This is a Nigerian soup made by the Igbos. pour water, and boil. but it is not wrapped in leaves like the EKPANG NKUKWO. It is usually served daily for lunch or dinner. Instagram. Quite popular, Edikang Ikong soup is expensive and cooking it is special and Classy! Follow us on twitter, facebook  and instagram, *This article is adapted from Ever heard of the combination of jollof rice and Moi moi at the owambes, especially? Put a clean pot on your gas cooker or stove, boil, pour the semovita ad stir concurrently. Pour enough water to cover the breadfruit into the pot. You should meet Aunty Dunni for her recipe. Nigerian Food Culture – Major Tribes In Nigeria And Their Food. Put a frying pan on medium heat and pour in vegetable oil. Bonus Download: Download Free PDF Document of over 100 Nigerian Foods and their Calorie content. If you are a foodie and wish to have a food tour in Nigeria, why not contact us on  +234-700-868-7476 or [email protected] or search for a rock-bottom price travel deals here, What do you think of our list? Other recommended Nigerian soups for … Soak the Abacha with cold water till it is soft and rinse the ugba with warm water. It is a very light food that can serve for either lunch or dinner and can also serve as a snack. This is another popular food eaten by the Ijaw people. Asaro, as it is popularly called among the Yoruba’s is another Nigerian Food that is popularly eaten in Nigeria. In the south, it is known as Akara while in the North it is called Kosai. dooneyskitchen. Mind you, Nigerians abroad prepare alternative pounded yam using yam flour, but it doesn’t taste like the original pounded yam. Put the powdered potash in a cup and add water to it, then stir and put aside. Its made from cassava and consumed with any of the soups mentioned in this article. Pounded yam is made by boiling yam and pounding it. The meal takes about an hour to prepare, and is often served with Pounded yam, fufu and Garri. You know that yellow nigerian swallow normally eaten with banga soup Pls if you have pls send and do you have a diet plan list of food not passing 500 calories in a day, made up of Nigerian food. Scoop the batter into the hot oil and allow to fry till its golden brown on both sides. You can also send in your travel stories to. I really can’t say which tribe this popular Nigeria staple is peculiar to and I won’t even try. You May Also Check: How to make kunu drink with best recipes. Do not worry about it being watery. This snack is so yummy. After frying the potatoes reduce the oil and Fry the pepper and onions in it, add seasoning and salt and allow cooking for a few minutes. It can be gotten very cheap from roadside food vendors. Add the pounded cocoyam and the egusi or ofor and the ogiri to thicken the mixture. Should I call this a traditional Nigerian food? Peel the yam and cut it into medium pieces, then wash and put into a clean pot and place it on fire. Healthy foods no doubt ensures longevity, I have fully stressed this point in a free ebook I wrote a while back. Add Iru or ogiri and mix very well then add the diced ponmo and stir very well, Add the soaked and drained abacha and stir very well till it is well incorporated in the paste, Add the sliced utazi and add salt to taste, Put on medium heat and cook for a few minutes and serve with sliced garden egg leaves. Ingredients used in preparing the soup include melon seeds, red or any desired meat, seafood, fermented beans, a variety of green vegetables and onions. There is the white version and the yellow or red version. There are cool places on the web for the recipe. Learn how to cook delicious food recipes, drinks, desserts. This stew is made occasionally because it is expensive. This low carb Nigerian food time table has pictures. About Us This traditional Nigerian food is also yam fritters. Pick the stones and dirt from the ofada rice as it is always dirty and has a lot of stones. Typical other vegetables include tomatoes and okra. It is usually wrapped in a leaf known as Uma leaf but you can also put it in a plastic container, or even aluminum foil. It is prepared from a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions and pepper, garnished with fish, beef, liver, etc. Services, +234 7000 1000 1000 If you have eaten it and it tastes bitter then it wasn’t cooked properly (yikes…hope that wasn’t too blunt?) Hmm, maybe I should. Hopefully these traditional Nigerian foods have inspired you to try some unique and interesting new recipes at home! (or spagg like my old man dey call am). This north-central cuisine is also known as “oghwo anuedi” in the urhobo language and “izuwo ibiedi” in the isoko language. Either ways, I am here in Ibadan thinking of what next after all this. It is prepared from a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions and pepper, garnished with fish, beef, liver, etc. Nkwobi is a popular Ibo delicacy prepared from spiced cow leg marinated in a richly flavoured sauce of Utazi leaves and palm oil. Here is another meal of my list of Nigerian delicacies. Yam porridge is a healthy source of carbohydrates. Another popular food in Naija on my list is snail stew. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup. Ever heard of the combination of jollof rice and Moi moi at the owambes, especially? Food recipes are different across the world. Although the Yoruba people are known to be fond of pounded yam, some other Nigerian Ethnic groups like the Ibos consume it especially during occasions such as the celebration of new yam festival. This is a very popular Nigerian food among the Yoruba’s; A traditional Nigerian food many can’t joke with. Related. Board of Directors Add the seasoning cube and slat. Okra is also included at times. It is also called local rice, eaten with its own special sauce. This colourful delicacy is food to many West African Countries, not just Nigeria. You can buy all these ingredients in Nigerian food markets and African food shops in all major cities of the world. Drop your comment below and let us know about it. In this article, I’ve gathered the popular Nigerian food, how they are prepared and pictures to help you get a feel of what each looks like. Add the pepper mix and let it cook for 3 minutes then add the chicken stock and allow to cook for few more minutes. The Nigerian food guide is a food pyramid divided into five food groups. Jolof Rice Our Lagos Office Gbegiri is a bean based Yoruba food, that takes a detailed process to make. Nigerian Calories PDF . Before I proceed, you need to know that some factors could contribute to your difficultly in gaining weight. Allow to cook and then add the vegetable. Moi Moi – A common Nigerian pudding. Some Hausas recommend it for adding weight or flesh (shh…its a secret). Put a clean pot on medium heat add water and pour in the Prada rice, do not cover and let it cook for about 10-12 minutes. It can be served with vegetables and desired meat, chicken or fish. It’s very very informative. Peel the plantain preferably not too ripe and make some cut into it with your knife. Let’s talk about that in the comment box. Unlike BANGA SOUP, OFE AKU can be used to eat boiled rice, etc. Their main food is vegetable (soups, porridges) for those inhabiting mountainous areas and their own is vegetable foods and dairy foods. Perhaps you know many more dishes that you think should be on the list? There is a popular joke in Nigeria that, though Garri has no advert placement, yet, it sells more than other food products that advertise. Nigeria is mainly an English-speaking population but diverse ethnicity. One of the simplest Nigerian meals to prepare is boiled potatoes and vegetable. You might want to check out for more on how to prepare banga soup. My igbo people, I no forget you, nna enh. Pour in the snails and continue cooking for few more minutes. Apart from yam, many other things can be added to it like potatoes, cocoa yam and plantain. Amala and Ewedu. »Click Here Now To Get. Nigerian Soups are very delicious and essential for healthy living. Put a Clean pot On fire and pour water inside put in some sliced onions in the water, Pour the picked beans into the hot water and cook till the beans is almost soft, Pour in the corn (must have been removed from its stick) and let it cook for few minutes, Add the pepper, dried fish, crayfish and palm oil then add the seasoning and salt to taste add water if it is too thick, Stir together and allow to cook for few minutes, Wash the snails thoroughly with alum to remove all the slimy fluids on its body. Alternatively you can follow along with our foodie adventures on our blog. Cook your meat for few minutes before adding the washed dried and stockfish, then cook till they become soft. And there you have it! This Nigerian food has become popular with its high protein content, amongst other nutrients. Suya is a very popular delicacy in Nigeria. Sieve the corn to separate it from the water when it is done. Agidi Jollof. It can be prepared at home (easy when you have a pressure cooker) and it is sold by food vendors or food hawkers. The Igbo version of this Nigerian food uses fresh catfish (modifications can be made to yours), utazi, uziza, ogiri, etc. Moi moi, is a Nigerian food that can be traced to the Yorubas. Nigerian cuisine consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria.Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups.Nigerian feasts are colourful and lavish, while aromatic market and roadside snacks cooked on barbecues or fried in oil are in abundance and varied. Ewa Aganyin is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. We will also find out if you really need to gain weight, because some people might not actually be underweight, but want to gain weight. There are two versions to this soup, the Efiks and the Igbos version. Out of boredom and desire for food … This is also a nice Nigerian meal that goes well at night, early enough around 7:30 pm. Add the pepper soup spice mix, chilli pepper, seasoning cubes, onions, and salt to taste and allow boiling together and cooking for a few more minutes. It can be made with egg, crayfish, corned beef, onions, and sardine to give it that added taste. Well today, I have compiled a list of 8 Nigerian foods that help you gain weight. Drop your comment below and let us know about it. It could be eaten as a main dish or side dish. Interesting Article: Latest Nigerian Fashion and Style Pictures of All Time. Either way, if you have never tried it, your nationality is questioned. More of phone games now and scrabble. This meal is well-known and very popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria, among the Igbos, and they love it. Efo Riro is a Yoruba delicacy originating from Western Nigeria. To cook a decent pot of yam porridge, all you need is some yam, onions, pepper, dried fish, vegetables, etc. Travelogue Miyan Taushe is a food in Nigeria peculiar to the northerners. Although the cocoyam leaves can be substituted with potato leaves or ugwu leaves or spinach. As with anything weight loss related, calories are very important. 9. Ogbono soup is a popular Nigerian dish made with ground Ogbono seeds, with considerable local variation. Send us a Message, Nkwobi is a popular Ibo delicacy prepared from spiced cow leg marinated in a richly flavoured sauce of, What do you think of our list? If you are able to provide this at your party in addition to all the other foods set on the menu, your party would not be forgotten in a long time. This is a meal drink with the original recipe from the northerners, Fulanis. I don't know if you know this food sha, but I'm not seeing starch in your list. Tuwo Shinkafa is translated from Hausa language meaning – Mashed Rice. It is a popular Nigerian soup eaten by all. The Ijebu pottage is prepared using grated water yam and other ingredients like assorted meats, smoked fish, palm oil, pepper, etc. Usually as breakfast or dinner, Also Read: How to make chapman drink in Nigeria. Every Nigerian beans lover is crazy about Ewa Aganyin and it can be served with bread or yam. She enjoys reading, baking, and wouldn’t mind spending her day buried in the pages of decor magazines! While both are extracted from the Palm fruit, the former is extracted at a lower temperature while the latter, at high temperature. Add the chopped plantain and add a little water then cover it to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes for the plantain to become soft. Of course, you can cook the vegetable. The soup is prepared using the oil extracted from the Palm fruit, vegetables, beef, etc.
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