Reign is a relative newcomer to the world of energy drinks. Reign also will contain 300 mg of caffeine per can. They marketed this as a "fuel energy drink" so they also added CoQ10 and BCAA's for performance. It features 300 milligrams of caffeine, with zero sugar, zero calories and zero artificial flavors and colors. After being a small part owner in the company, he has since sold his shares and moved on to pursue other ventures as of the spring of 2016. There's about as much caffeine in G FUEL as you would find in a large cup of coffee (150 mg per serving). bottles and described as a “pre-workout energy drink.” The product is also referenced in the complaint. The caffeine content in BANG Energy Drink is 300 mg per 16.00 fl. Caution should be used when consuming this highly caffeinated product. 160mg. Reign uses natural caffeine compared to BANGs caffeine anhydrous. One of caffeine’s primary sites of action in the human body is the central nervous system where it stimulates cognitive functions. Both claim to have CoQ10 and branched chain amino acids but the amounts are so small they are really laughable, not relevant and simply hyped up marketing. Subscribe here and stay informed with the newest insights on Masculine Wellness! 12 people found this helpful. Roger has since worked with 4 different “anti-aging”/wellness clinics, groups and affiliate doctors. Each 16 fl.oz can of Reign contains 300mg of caffeine, all sourced from green coffee beans and tea leaves. It helps produce energy the body needs for cell growth and maintenance. How much sugar is in G FUEL? When I do decide to indulge in a carbonated caffeinated beverage, I honestly prefer to make my own most of the time and for a few reasons. 12 fl oz The "coffee jitters"—AKA, a rush of energy, followed by a crash—are the real deal and may be a sign it's time to reign in your caffeine intake. 33g. In layman’s terms, VPX claims that when Creatinyl-l-leucine dipeptide is consumed, stomach acid will break the bond between the creatine and l-leucine, thereby releasing creatine (and leucine) into the stomach which is then absorbed by the body just like regular creatine (and amino acid) would be. Typical serving sizes of creatine that athletes use for weight training usually hover around 5-10 grams in a serving. Until then, I can’t justify buying these when the caffeine overload keeps me from even finishing a single can. Kind of like comparing Coke to Pepsi or GNC 100% whey protein to Optimum 100% whey protein to most. If Reign could dial back the caffeine content but leave the flavoring alone, this would be a real winner. Available from Amazon / ADVENTURE BOX, Reign Total Body Fuel Variety 16 Oz Can (Pack of 12) oz can. Bang has 300mg of anhydrous caffeine. He still pursues his mission today to help people look and feel their best where he helps a select number of clients in his now hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Check price at AmazonVPX Bang is a potent energy drink blend that utilizes the power of creatine.Sugar free and calorie free, Bang isn’t your typical high sugar energy drink. The 2018 Food and Health Survey revealed that over 70 percent of participants either thought caffeine could have a different effect on the body depending on the source (synthetic vs. natural) or were unsure. Reign Total Body Fuel, Melon Mania, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12), Reign Inferno Red Dragon, Thermogenic Fuel, Fitness and Performance Drink, 16 Ounce (Pack of 12), Reign Total Body Fuel, 8 Flavor Variety Pack, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16oz (Pack of 8), Reign Total Body Fuel Variety 16 Oz Can (Pack of 12), UPTIME Original Citrus Zero Sugar (12 Pack), Premium Energy Drink, 12 oz Bottles, Natural Caffeine, Sparkling, Natural Flavors, Coffee Subscription Delivery Services Put to the Test, Waka Coffee & Tea: A Comprehensive Review, The 9 Most Dangerous Caffeinated Products. 8 fl oz (half a can) Red Bull (Original) 27g. Roger did all of his own nutrition and training to prep for and win his competitions. When comparing the two products next to each other, there appears to be a lot of similarities and very little difference if any. One from Monster and another among many more, from the company called ThermoLife. Reign Total Body Fuel is intended for healthy adults only with a high tolerance to caffeine. 161mg. This passion quickly transcended into helping others around him do the same as he coached and led them into following a similar lifestyle. Well, taste is often a matter of opinion depending on who you ask. 8 fl oz (half a can) Average Cup of Brewed Black Coffee. What Energy Drink Tastes The Best? The caffeine content is the same across both, so you’re looking at the addition of l-citrulline, Panax ginseng, green tea extract, and l-carnitine. These carbs are from the added sugar that has used during energy drink preparation. One serving of 5-Hour Energy is pretty much the same amount of caffeine as a grande Americano from Starbucks. Reign product by the makers of Monster. With professional coaching from Remi Bruyninga to help Roger with his posing and stage presentation, he was off and running. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, we offer a great caffeine-free alternative. However, the major amounts of caffeine are a big reason for the numerous warnings you'll find on each can of Reign. -Roger. It’s best to limit caffeine intake from other sources to reduce the likelihood of reacting. Each one is slapped with a big " … With 350mg of caffeine per can, this energy drink is … Monster also plans to … With attention being given to the health consequences of high sugar beverages, sales with soda have seen drops while the low to no sugar energy drink categories have climbed the charts. 3 Questionable Exercises To Avoid in The Gym. His reputation for being a great trainer with an incredible working knowledge of nutrition and supplements eventually attracted outside attention from a local wellness clinic that specialized in doctor supervised hormone optimizing, wellness and weight loss programs in late 2011. The amount of caffeine in tea or coffee can vary significantly depending on the origin, type, and preparation of the drink ().. If Reign could dial back the caffeine content but leave the flavoring alone, this would be a real winner. A closer look into the ingredients in Reign. Reign Total Body Fuel is a performance supplement-type energy drink. But always remember, the key to health is always moderation. In just his 2nd year of competitions, success was quickly seen winning a couple national qualifying NPC shows. Get a good and suitable quality pre-workout, nootropic or full-body wellness powdered product. In comparison, Reign Inferno contains 300 milligrams per serving, which is only a portion of my daily caffeine intake. Until then, I can’t justify buying these when the caffeine overload keeps me from even finishing a single can. Roger left the family woodworking business soon after to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry full time following what he knew in his heart, was his calling in life. Sweetened with sucralose and loaded with caffeine, BCAAs, CoQ10, and other brain boosting ingredients, it gives you a surge of energy and spikes your focus better than most of its competitors.Best tasting sugar-free energy drink on the market, hands down.… Caffeine has been known to increase stamina and alertness, as well as improve concentration and focus. Currently, he works solely as a consultant to one of these medical groups by the name of Youth-Rx, which is the bulk of his daily work today. Bang has made a lot of questionable claims on their ingredients used with the biggest one plastered right across the top of every can in large lettering with its “Super Creatine”. Since starting his health and fitness career way back in 2001, Roger has succeeded in many facets within the industry including running health food stores, helping hundreds of clients in the gym, online throughout the country as a consultant with medical groups, and also taking the lead with product development and writing educational health and fitness articles with a leading supplement company. Natural caffeine is also in the mix at a pretty solid dose of 300mg per can to give you a good hit of energy. REIGNcafe is a new café concept featuring artisanal doughnuts from Glazy Susan made in their scratch kitchen and fun globally inspired coffee and tea based drinks by Reign Drink Lab. Monster's new brand, Reign Total Body Fuel, is a "better-for-you fitness beverage designed for active lifestyles," the company said. Studies have suggested there is not a noticeable difference between caffeine anhydrous found in Bang vs regular caffeine found in Reign. They have a lot more caffeine than an 8-ounce cup of coffee." Blended with BCAAs, 300 mg of Natural Caffeine, CoQ10 & electrolytes, REIGN Total Body Fuel is designed for your active lifestyle. Even at the 40mg amounts of Super Creatine that is said to be contained in a Bang drink, this is essentially a useless serving size since it is such a negligible amount. Assuming you like your drinks cold, put some ice in. To make the story more interesting, there has also been a lawsuit filed by Bang against Monster with regards to them using the name Reign as apparently VPX already claimed the name and had been using it on a drink of theirs. You’re essentially getting flavored carbonated water with caffeine in it for the most part, period. 8 fl oz (half a can) Monster (Rehab) 6g. This article goes out to all you energy drink lovers out there. 0g. The difference between Reign and Reign Inferno is nothing more than the ingredients in the proprietary blend mentioned above. Studies have suggested there is not a noticeable difference between caffeine anhydrous found in Bang vs regular caffeine found in Reign. After learning so much and making such a drastic change mentally and physically, he was hooked for life with a healthy and fit way of living even further. In January of 2016, Roger was named in Metro Parent magazine as one of metro Detroit’s top personal trainers of 2015. Key Details: Loaded with caffeine: Provide for a great, natural pre-workout boost. 8 fl oz. With 300mg of caffeine, Reign is one of the strongest energy drinks available in the market—a dubious honor that it shares with Bang. The caffeine amounts listed are always for the entire container – NOT for a suggested serving unless it is a multi-serve container like a gallon-sized jug of iced tea or a 2 litter sized jug of iced coffee. So in summary here, the Super Creatine probably shouldn’t be relied on to do much. Next, Reign has no creatine in its formula as BANG is the only energy drink to have that. But, if we are to bust out the magnifying glass and break comparisons down, I’m here to do just that. Here are some suggestions on products and following after below, how to mix them yourself: Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The firm described ThermoLife as a “patent monetization entity” (PME), or a company that holds and licenses patents and files patent lawsuits but does not sell products or services.”. Available from Amazon / Reign, Reign Total Body Fuel, 8 Flavor Variety Pack, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16oz (Pack of 8) I can make a much better quality drink with effectively dosed ingredients that work, control (and lower) the caffeine content and cut my cost down significantly. Copyright © 2020.,,,,, With a background as a competitive wrestler, bodybuilder and sports enthusiast, competition and training have always been a part of Roger’s life. Monster has vowed to put “a lot of effort” behind Reign… Once only seen online, supplement shops and gyms being marketed as a pre-workout drink, you can now find Bang drinks in large chain grocery stores on a nationwide scale these days. I will admit that I am a fan of Bang drinks. Consider this; you have 1000 mg in 1 gram. But this is not what happens when consumers ingest Creatinyl-l-leucine dipeptide. Similar to other items on this list, this drink is mostly targeted toward gym-goers, and advertises a high caffeine content and energy-boosting ingredients. Cheers to being your best, Giving the short, very to the point and without a ton of long elaboration and explanations answer here; there is little to no difference between the two. I, Jack Owoc, am the sole and exclusive owner of the USPTO registered trademark ‘Reign.’”. However, misinformation abounds when it comes to the differences between synthetic caffeine or caffeine that’s derived from plant sources. This lead Roger into yet another area of the human body that he soon excelled at as a sought-after expert consultant, working with doctors and their clients. Reign Total Body Fuel contains 18.75 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (63.40mg/100 ml).
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