Inside the space is small with a curved bar that has about eight seats and a counter to order. If your steak temperature is in this temperature range, set it aside on a cooling rack and sheet tray to rest. #KatsuSando #カツサンド is a homey kind of sandwich but downright satisfying! Putting it on Instagram first: optional. !Washugyu: the $28 steak sandwich, I didn't LOVE it , cause to me it was just regular steak sandwich, my bf thought it was pretty amazing, he gave 5/5, I'd say 4/5. #dreamsofdashi, A post shared by Yukari Li (@dreamsofdashi) on Nov 13, 2015 at 10:25am PST. Put your flour in a separate bowl and your panko in another; line them up like this on your counter or table: flour, egg wash, panko. It's served on a Hokkaido-style milk bread that's been toasted over binchotan charcoal. HOLY SH*T AMAZINGGG! In order for beef to be wagyu, it must come from one of four breeds: Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, Japanese Shorthorn, or Japanese Black. That day they also were offering a special for a burger that I believe was $20. ⁣⠀ _____________________________________⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ #japanesefood #japanesecooking #japanesecuisine #japaneserecipe #asianfood #washoku #oishii #itadakimasu #nihon #japan #japanese #lovejapan #feedfeed #cookingram #cooking #feastagram #instafood #foodblogger #foodblogfeed #food #yummy #foodporn #foodie #delicious #homecooking, A post shared by Nami | JustOneCookbook® (@justonecookbook) on Mar 15, 2019 at 5:02pm PDT. Place your rested katsu steak on the sauced bread and close the sando. Yes pricey but worth every penny! Don Wagyu is Take Away Only, please make an Omakase reservation at Sushi on Jones if you would like to dine in. 1. When it’s time to make your sando, you’ll trim the crusts off the bread (yes, this $180 sandwich is toddler-approved), toast each slice on one side, and spread it with a special sauce before adding your katsu. The ideal specimen is shokupan, also called Japanese milk bread, which is like the most glorious, fluffy form of Wonder Bread you could possibly imagine. It's very flavorful and very tender. 6 oz A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef cutlet. Fries were crispy and crunchy, the sauce was perfectly flavored, not too heavy not too light, just perfect. They were both incredible. Let's be real - could any single sandwich really be worth $180? Beef is aged in-house and then breaded and deep-fried. I ordered American Washugyu and A5 Miyazaki. Once your steak is breaded you can proceed directly to the frying or you can place it on a cooling rack and sheet tray until you are ready to fry. Convenience store katsu sandos usually come slicked with tonkatsu sauce, a thick, tangy-sweet, brown dipping sauce or condiment that contains ketchup, oyster sauce, and sugar, but at Don Wagyu, they make a version of tare, a soy-based sauce and marinade that traditionally accompanies grilled foods in Japan. 2. They start with a base of caramelized onions, add garlic, ginger, sake, mirin, black vinegar, and tamari (gluten-free soy sauce), and blend it until smooth. )I've tried all three sandos, and I'd say the Miyazaki is probably the best of both worlds when it comes to price and quality. Katsu sando is the new avocado toast (I swear, they are taking over restaurant menus and Instagram posts). Olives and sake lees are added to his cattle’s diet, and they enjoy a longer life relative even to other Wagyu animals. Obviously not, unless you get the lowest grade option, which will make you very happy. At the Michelin-recognized gastro pub SakaMai in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, six-ounce A5 Miyazaki wagyu katsu sandos are served for $85, but the chef, Takanori Akiyama, makes only five daily. But nobody cares about all these frills when you have good gyu-katsu sandwiches. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After turning heads in Tokyo and flooding Instagram feeds in the U.S., Japan's legendary wagyu katsu sando has finally landed in the states. Their recipe is included below, but you can also buy ready-made tare sauce for your sandwich if you prefer. Don Wagyu is a very photogenic restaurant!One thing which immediately sticks out upon entering is the menu. It’s not bad; the minced wagyu beef, cloaked within a panko crust and drizzled with tonkatsu sauce, is pleasingly fatty and juicy. The Japanese beef is incredibly tender, cooked rare to medium rare, and tastes as good as any Wagyu I've had before. The bread is also of utmost importance—you don’t want to slap your precious Wagyu (or anything, really) between two squishy slices of supermarket white bread. Though it’s not exactly a steak but more of a burger patty. There will be two choices for dine-in as well: a Wagyu Katsu Sando, made with A5 Wagyu Ribeye from Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, priced at $50; or a Wagyu Katsu Curry with rice, priced at $60. Preheat a stainless-steel pot over medium high heat and add the olive oil. We still can't stop talking about it. In the words of chef Kave, “Just wait until you taste it.”. They serve 200 sandwiches a day. View the menu from SakaMai on 157 Ludlow St in New York and order for delivery or takeout online or in the app. Be prepared to bring your camera! Brush the tare sauce on the untoasted side of the bread. Highly recommend A5 Miyazaki. But if you take it out, eat that sandwich immediately and let that amazing quality meat melt in your mouth on the way back to your desk.Is it 5 Stars based on value?
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